Food for Thought: Why Social Media Marketing Applies to ALL Businesses

In the good old days, we had print media, banners and billboards, as well as door-to-door marketing. In today’s fast and forward-moving digital age, if you’re not exhausting your resources to reach out to prospective customers through social networking channels like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you are really missing the boat.

social media marketing
Identifying and retaining your audience through social media is THE undisputed best method to seeing your business flourish. Here are some noteworthy benefits you can expect to reap by going down the social media marketing route.

Highly Personalized Customer Experiences

Social media allows for direct interactions between your business and clients, effectively eliminating any third parties or intermediaries. Customers forwarding any concerns or queries can be addressed directly and efficiently, within the shortest possible timeframe, while providing a highly personalized service.

Cut Down Marketing Costs

Marketing costs can be roughly described as the time it takes to achieve tangible results and what it actually costs to inspire prospects in order to convert them to customers. Paid advertisements on social media for example, are significantly cheaper than traditional means of advertising and you don’t need a lot of time to generate desirable leads – as little as just six hours each week, according to industry experts.

Better Customer Insights

Social media networks let you gain highly crucial and relevant information through which you get valuable insights into customer interests and behavior. This way, you can gauge customer perceptions in a clutter-free kind of way. Not only that, through direct conversations, you can devise the right set of strategies in order to generate the most returns.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

One of the things search engines rely on is search media presence, to calculate rankings, since many companies nowadays use social media to do business and interact with clients. Therefore, being active on social media will result in higher search engine optimization, as your visibility increases.

Greater Brand Recognition and Loyalty

Customers tend to identify with any business through a specific vibe. Social media ads increase your visibility by ten folds. The more “recognizable” you are, the more open people will be to purchasing your product and services.

Frequent interactions with your clients will cement long-term relationships and establish a sense of trust. You’ll enjoy a higher revenue base in the long run.

More Opportunities for Conversions

Social media allows you to churn out ads at a fairly high frequency in contrast to traditional ad channels – low costs, not to mention the flexibility and convenience that comes with it. More ads, more opportunities, and eventually, higher conversions.

Better Conversion Rates

Little point in targeting prospects if their responses are minimal let alone purchasing your products or services. Interact with prospects and clients on a frequent basis, and they’ll see you as a real entity. Use a good social media platform to easily let your prospects respond to ads and notifications.

Generate Higher Inbound Traffic

Reach out to several audiences through social media networks – particularly individuals not familiar with your business. Before you know it, quotes and inquires will come flooding in, increasing your inbound traffic. The more people talk about it, the more presence and influence your business has.

Boost Brand Authority

Day-to-day interaction with your customers will eventually lead to feelings of goodwill, faith and trust. The more faith and confidence they have in your brand, the higher your brand’s authority will be.

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