About me

Umar Khan

I am a Pakistani Digital Marketer, Cricket Lover, Tech Geek, Apple Follower, Traveler and Movie Buff, currently based in Dubai, UAE.

I have been working full-time with multiple US and UK based companies, associated as a Remote Consultant and offering freelance SEO & Content Marketing services from over three years now. My collaboration with top industry influencers is helping me learn in-depth rules of Digital Science a.k.a. Inbound Marketing or, if you’d like, Digital Marketing.

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Why this Blog?

I am enthusiastic to share my marketing insight with everyone that I learn from important communities like Moz, Inbound.org and various blogs like Entrepreneur, HubSpot and others where I am regularly contributing. This blog presents an opportunity to share the challenges and events I come across during my internet marketing journey.

I do not call myself an “EXPERT”. Through this blog, my aim is to share my knowledge related to SEO techniques and strategies (especially on the off-site search and link building), Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media and helping my readers and followers to acquire as much relevant and significant information about Internet Marketing as possible.